During the month of January, Suze Orman will be providing information to Building a Strong Financial Foundation on her weekly show. The information and videos of the segments are also available at the link above. Her show is at 8:00 CT and again at 11:00 CT on CNBC on Saturday nights. Some of the areas [...]

On the Suze Orman Show there is a segment called “Can I Afford It”. Viewers send in their financial information and what they are considering purchasing. Suze looks over the information and tells them if she thinks they can afford to purchase the item. In some cases, they may be able to afford the item [...]

There is a quiz on the Oprah website which was developed by Suze Orman to see how you are doing financially. The quiz consists of 12 questions dealing with issues ranging from having an emergency fund, saving for retiremenet and checking your credit score. At the end of the quiz you will get your results [...]

Americas Money Class with Suze Orman premiered Monday, January 9. It is a series of 6 weekly shows. Here are a few things from the first episode. Each of the audience members had a large piece of paper on which Suze asked them to write the total amount of debt they owe. She then had [...]

Suze Orman has a new show starting on the OWN channel on Monday, January 9. It consists of 6 weekly episodes. She will give you information on how to do the best with your finances. There is more information about the show on her website. You will have a chance to win $50,000.

If you are looking for sources of personal finance information, there are two shows on CNBC, The Suze Orman Show and Til Debt Do Us Part. The Suze Orman Show is on from 8:00-9:00 PM (CT) Saturday nights. Til Debt Do Us Part has two segments also on Saturday from 9:00-9:30 (CT) and 9:30-10:00. On [...]