For the month of October I am participating in a 31 day event where bloggers post each day on different topics. I chose the topic of teaching kids about money and finances. Practical Money Skills is a website with resources to teach financial literacy to kids and adults which is sponsored by Visa. There are [...]

Practical Money Skills is a website with a number of resources for both parents and teachers to teach kids about money. There are a number of games and activities such as Financial Football and Financial Soccer. The latest addition is a Marvel Comic book that teaches money skills. The comic book can be accessed on [...]

At <a>Practical Money Skills</a> educators, parents, and students can access free educational resources including personal finance articles, games, lesson plans, and more. Visa also works with state and national government to co-sponsor community-based events such as statewide Financial Football rollouts and the annual Financial Literacy in Education Summit. Of the resources on the site [...]