One way you may be able to save time or money when planning a party is by having a party bar. Once you pick a theme, have ingredients ready and the guests can make their own treats. There are various ideas such as breakfast bars, pasta bars, chili bars, cupcake fondue and more.

Nancy Kvamme

It may be early, but I thought I would write a post of ideas of ways to save money when planning a graduation party or party for any other event.

Following are some ideas to save money when planning a graduation party, or any type of party.

Check out the dollar stores. Some dollar stores have Mylar helium balloon for a dollar each and they usually last as long as the more expensive ones. I got one for my birthday a couple years ago and it lasted almost a month.

Also, they have plastic plates, napkins, utensils in various colors and themes. You may also be able to find serving bowls and platters. Also look for party decorations and items that could be used as centerpieces.

If you are in need of serving bowls, platters, etc another place to check out are the second hand stores. Some have various items like this at a fraction of buying new.