Here are some posts I have seen lately with stocking stuffer ideas and other gift ideas. At Life As Mom, Jessica has some ideas for Clutter free Stocking Stuffers and Gift Guide for Boys. Some places to check out for stocking stuffing items are dollar stores, the Dollar Spot at Target and discount stores, such [...]

With many people already having a full schedule and upcoming holiday activities and expenses can add to the usual stress. Crystal from Money Saving Mom has started a series on steps to take for a More Organized Christmas. The first step is to create a budget, have a plan, use cash and keep it simple. [...]

Now that we are past Thanksgiving, the Christmas season is in full swing. Jessica at Life as Mom has put together a list of Christmas movies to watch during the holiday season. We are all busy with our schedules but it is important to also schedul family time.

With all of the obligations today, it may be harder to cook and bake from scratch. Instead of buying stuff ready from the store you may be able to save time and money by some ideas from Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade. She gives ideas of using some items from the grocery store and adding some [...]

In a previous post I discussed saving on expenses for your holiday meals. Also, be out in the coming months for sales on wrapping paper, gift bags and holiday decorations. Many stores will be having these items on sale. CVS and Walgreens usually run good sales and coupons on holiday items close to the holiday [...]

Just as with holiday gift shopping it is important to budget for your holiday meals. Many of the grocery stores currently have and will have baking items and other holiday items on sale in the coming weeks. Sunmart is offering Holiday Bucks to use on future purchases. You can earn up to 4 Holiday Bucks [...]

With a few simple steps you can transform a cereal box into a gift or treat box. First I cut the top half or so off of the front and sides of the box. Then cut the back rounded so it will make a flap when you fold it over the front. Then use gift [...]

Along with purchasing gifts, you also need to wrap the gifts. With a little work you can make one of a kind bags or reusable bags. If you are giving gift cards, there are various ways to give the gift cards instead of just the card you get from the store. I have made a [...]

Jessica from Life As Mom has put together a Holiday Planning Guide. It has planning pages for your holiday gift buying list and other schedules for the holidays. Along with the e-book, in the coming weeks she will be having posts with recipes, gift ideas and other ideas to take some of the stress out [...]

One of the aggravating things about decorating for the holidays may be how to store ornaments and lights so they last from year to year. A couple ideas I found on line to store ornaments are here and here to use common things you may have around the house instead of buying the more expensive [...]