One question I see a lot on various websites and blogs is how much people spend on groceries. Usually when they ask the question, they include the number of people and ages of the kids. There are many factors that can affect how much you spend on groceries. Prices may be higher or lower depending [...]

The Costco store in our area opened almost a year ago, but I have not been there yet. Since I live alone, I don’t feel shopping at bulk buying stores works for me. I have a Sam’s membership that I got a deal on but I don’t use it very often with the deals I [...]

$5 Dinners

Erin Chase blogs at $5 Dinners with recipes of meals that don’t cost more than $5. She has made a listing of the Most popular recipes. She has also had a couple of cookbooks published containing recipes of $5 meals.

If you are looking for ways to lower your grocery bill, one is to try a Pantry Challenge. A Pantry Challenge is attempting to cook as many meals as you can from ingredients you already have on hand. Besides saving on grocery expenses you may also be able to use up items before they expire. [...]

Besides gifts, there may be many other extra expenses that come along with the holiday season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up many grocery stores will be having baking and other items on sale. Sunmart has Our Family flour, 2 five pound bags for $3. That is almost the regular price for 1 bag. I [...]

This morning I spent about 1 ½ hours in the kitchen and made 16 personal size pizzas, 18 ham/cheese hot pockets and pepperoni pizza pockets and 12 small bread bowls. Here are the recipes I used Pizza dough, Pizza pockets and bread bowls. I have made the pizza dough before and kept in the freezer [...]

Hornbachers has a sale on Ore Ida frozen potatoes thru Tuesday, October 16. The regular price is $3.29, they are on sale for 2/$6. There is a coupon in the sale flyer for a free package if you purchase 2, 3/$6. In one of the coupon inserts in Sunday’s newspaper is a coupon for $1 [...]

When you think about groceries at a dollar or discount store you may think of expired items and dented cans. This is not the case in most instances. There are various reasons that items end up at dollar or discount stores such as changing of packaging or discontinued items. The above photo shows 10 items [...]

I have written an E-book about saving on groceries without using coupons, it is for sale on Amazon. Even if you don’t own a Kindle you can download a program to read Kindle books on your computer, IPad or mobile phone. Some of the topics covered in the book are what to look for in [...]

With the current economy, people are looking for ways to make their money go further. There are small changes you can make in the way you shop to save money instead of clipping coupons. I am offering classes on how to save money on groceries without needing to clip coupons. $10 fee, Thursday, September 27 [...]