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I saw this post on the YWCA Cass Clay Facebook page. Bring a donation for the YWCA to CourtsPlus on 10/25 & 10/26 and you can try a group exercise class for free at Courts Plus in Fargo. Visit Courts Plus for more information.

A big part of Halloween for many children is the candy. I wrote a previous post about non candy treats. The post was written last year so the date for the candy trade in is incorrect. You may have heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project. The campaign encourages people to raise awareness of food allergies [...]

If you are don’t have tortilla chips or want to try something new, try this recipe for

While I was looking for a recipe to use the cauliflower and broccoli from a recent CSA box I came upon this Broccoli Corn Salad. I used both broccoli and cauliflower. You can add any ingredients you have on hand. I left out the cranberries and sliced the carrots instead of shredding them. The dressing [...]

Shredding any personal papers that have your account numbers and other information is an important step to take in order to protect your identity. Here is information on how long it is recommended to keep certain documents. Some items such as bank statements and credit card statements may be accessed online. Secure Your ID Day [...]

Costume Sale

If you are looking for a unique Halloween costume, you may want to check out the sale at The Stage at Island Park this week. Following is a post that was on their Facebook page. Visit The Stage at Island Park THIS WEEK for tips on Halloween costumes from stage costumers and to pick up [...]

I did some baking over the weekend to have snacks for the week and warm up the house some. One of the recipes I made was Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread. I left out the raisins and added some granola instead. I used a DIY Muffin Mix to make blueberry muffins. This recipe is to make [...]

I was walking through the Fargo JCPenney store today and saw a few racks of swimsuit separates clearanced at $2.97 each (regular $30-$50 each). The racks were back in the area by the salon. It may not be worth making a special trip due to the limited sizes bit if you are in the area. [...]

I recently tried a recipe for Vegetable Pot Pie. I used a store bought crust instead of making one. I used potatoes, carrots, corn and broccoli, since that’s what I had on hand. It is a great way to use up vegetables you may have. You could also use canned or frozen if you don’t [...]

Finish Rich

One of the personal finance authors I have followed for years and recommended to others is David Bach. He has authored several books including Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, Start Late Finish Rich, The Automatic Millionaire and others. A large part of his writing focuses on the small expenses and making saving [...]