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It may seem like school just got out but with stores starting to have sales on school supplies it may be the perfect time to start looking for items before they get picked over. Another reason to start shopping now is that you can spread the expenses over the next couple of months instead of [...]

PocketYourDollars is a website with information on sales, deals and other ways to save money. Each Friday morning they do a segment on a Minneapolis radio station about current Freebies and list them on their website. Since they are based in the Minneapolis area, some of the deals are for the local area but some [...]

One way to save money and keep your house a little cooler is to use a crockpot. You can put the ingredients in it before you leave for the day and have the meal or most of it ready when you return. I recently came upon a blog series of 100 days of summer slow [...]

Some of my perennial flowers are starting to bloom. I cut some to put on my desk at work. Since they are smaller blooms, I was looking for a smaller vase to use. I used a mason jar I had and a piece of ribbon. If you don’t have flowers of your own, many stores [...]

The following is from the Facebook page of a friend of mine. North Dakota Veterans with PTSD can now receive a free service dog to help them to deal with their PTSD and let them enjoy life, their families, and sleep well without as many nightmares! Call Service Dogs For America Jud, ND 1-701-685-2242. ( [...]

The past few years I have been looking for recipes to make many items at home instead of buying packaged since I don’t care for the taste of many packaged items. I recently made these Soft baked oatmeal squares. They were quick to put together and tasted great. A couple changes I made were that [...]

Smart Kids Launchpad is a website developed by Dave Ramsey and his team with activities to teach kids about money and finances. Each week there is a new activity and they can earn badges for each activity they complete. You can either print out the badges or order sticker badges from them. The sticker badges [...]

Instead of replacing the laminate countertops in my kitchen and wetbar in my family room, I transformed them with the Rustoleum Countertop Transformation kit. There is also a kit to transform your cabinets. The kit includes almost everything you will need, there are a few items listed on the box that you will need to [...]

Now that school is out in most areas or close to it, you may be looking for ways to keep your kids busy. Here is a listing of some of the summer reading programs. Also check your local libraries for summer reading programs and other activities. The Red River Valley Fair is also sponsoring a [...]

I walked to the Dakota Boys Ranch thrift store at 16th St and 32nd Ave S, Fargo this morning and saw they had a display of scrapbook paper. The photo above is a photo I took of the display. The 12″ x 12″ sheets are $0.25 each.