There are many ways that your money and your health go hand in hand. It may seem expensive to purchase “healthy” foods but when you consider the health costs in the long run it may be less expensive to control what you eat now.

As I feel it is important to teach kids about money and finances when they are younger it is also important to teach them to eat healthy foods. Two of the blogs I follow that cover both of these aspects are and LifeAsMom.

Jessica Fisher from LifeAsMom has written a freezer cooking book and a Juices for Kids book. Here is a link to a post about juices for kids.

Crystal and Jessica right posts regularly about cooking with their kids.

Jessica also wrote a recent post about how her husband changed his diet slightly instead of taking pills his doctor suggested for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. There are times when medication is necessary but there are many people who may quickly choose a pill instead of changing their diets.

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Nancy Kvamme

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