I have posted several times about holiday budgeting. Make a plan of what you expect to spend on holiday gifts and other expenses and divide by the number of months until then so you can try to work that amount into your monthly budget.

Since most people have so much stuff already, some have started giving experiences as gifts instead of more stuff. I saw a recent post about giving Christmas Boxes to their kids for Christmas. Throughout the year she collected gift cards for movies and other activities for their kids. You could also do this for other relatives and friends. One of the comments was concerned about the gift cards expiring. One answer is to put the money away during a certain month and purchase the gift card closer to the gift time. You may be able to find deals on daily deal sites. A couple of the gifts I gave this year came from a daily deal site.

I gave my parents a box from Omaha Steaks for Christmas, since it would be something they could use and add clutter to their home.

By planning for your holiday expenses ahead of time you may be able to take some of the stress out of the holiday and be able to enjoy it more.

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Nancy Kvamme

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