As we start a new year, many people make plans to make changes in their lives such as new exercise regimes and diets.

Crystal at MoneySavingMom is hosting a year long series on a healthier you challenge. Each month she be focusing on a different area such as exercise and eating habits. Every Friday she will have a post on tips and ideas for that month’s area.

Ruth at LivingWellSpendingLess is hosting a 31 Day Zero spending Challenge for the month of January. The main concept of a zero spending challenge is to cut out unnecessary spending. Even if you can’t cut out all unnecessary spending, you may be able to save some money by thinking about your spending and possibly cutting out some expenses you normally have. One of the comments made by someone was that she was figuring out how much pop she would need to purchase ahead of time for herself, her husband and son for the month. She then decided to attempt to cut back on the amount they drank. So besides saving money, by changing your habits you may also be able to make healthier changes.

Jessica from GoodCheapEats is hosting a Pantry Challenge in January. The main idea behind a pantry challenge is to make meals around what you already have in your cupboards and freezer. Many of us have items that get lost in the back of the pantry or bottom of the freezer. You may be able to save money by using things you already have on hand before they spoil.

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Nancy Kvamme

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