A couple months ago I posted about a meal plan for 20 meals for $150 from Costco shopping developed by Erin Chase from 5dollardinners.com. Now she has written up the plan for Sam’s Club 20 meals for $150

There is a current Groupon deal for Sam’s Club. For $45 you get a year Sam’s Club membership, $20 gift card and food vouchers. This is only for new members. I purchased this deal earlier in the year when they ran this promotion. When I purchased it, I received the deal for free because 3 other people purchased using my referral code. So check to see if they still offer the 3 buy, its free deal.

This may be a good way to try out Sam’s Club to see if it works for your household. Since I am single and shop sales/coupons, I don’t find much benefit for me. But if you have a larger household, it may be a way to save on groceries and other items.

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Nancy Kvamme

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