One way to avoid after holiday bills and credit card bills is to attempt to pay cash for holiday expenses. It is not too late to start budgeting for the holidays. Look at your monthly budget and see if there are ways to you can cut back to put some of the extra money towards holiday spending. If you don’t think there are any areas to cut in your budget, check out this post on the top ways we waste money. Just as people differ on what they consider wants and needs, there are also differences to what we think are ways to waste money.

Below are a few past posts I have written about budgeting for holiday expenses.

Holiday Budget

Planning Holiday Expenses

All Ash Christmas

I recently saw this post about ways to Save $1,000 by Black Friday posted this Guide to the Best Times to Purchase Holiday Gifts

By starting to plan your holiday expenses and gift giving now you may be able to take some of the stress out of the holiday season and be able to enjoy it more.

This is part of a series I am doing for DIY holiday ideas. Click Here for the other posts from the month.

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