Crystal at and Rebekah at are hosting a Frugal Photo Friday Series each Friday in October.

As part of the series, they will both be sharing photos of ways they save money. At the end of their posts there will be an opportunity for others to share their photos.

This week I am sharing the idea of freezing and drying fruits and vegetables. I purchase fruits and vegetables when they are on sale and freeze or dehydrate to use later. I recently purchased a new dehydrator at a thrift store for a fraction of the retail price.

Frozen fruits and berries can be used in smoothies and baking. I usually freeze them on a sheet pan for an hour or two and then store in a freezer bag. That way they don’t freeze into a big ball. Some vegetables may need to be blanched before freezing and some can just be stored in a freezer bag without blanching.

I have been part of a CSA for the past few years and have been able to freeze or dry extra items I have left over. As part of our membership, we are able to pick extras of certain items. With these extras I have not needed to purchase frozen vegetables in the past two years.

Recently, I purchased 6 pounds of over ripe bananas for a total of $1.20.

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Nancy Kvamme

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