If you are in the market for small appliances, check out your local thrift stores. They may have what you are looking for at a fraction of the retail price.

One of the items I see quite a bit are bread machines. If you have been thinking about trying a bread machine, it may be adviseable to buy one used to make sure you will use it. Many of the items are new or almost new.

A couple of things I have purchased at thrift stores are the Magic Bullet and Salad Shooter. I purchased a Magic Bullet at a big box store several years ago for regular price but in the past few years I have purchased two more for $5 each. They also included the cups and accessories. One of the sets I purchased for $5 looked brand new and included the blender and juicer attachments.

I have used a Salad Shooter for many years instead of a food processor. My first one lasted several years, but I pick up inexpensive ones when I find them at the thrift stores or yard sales. I have purchased a couple for $3 or so each.

Many times people donate items they purchased and decided they didn’t use them, or received as a gift and diden’t use.

One time I purchased a set of mixing bowls that had the wedding card still in the box.

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Nancy Kvamme

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