One of our local grocery stores (Hornbachers) has Smuckers 32 ounce grape jelly on sale for $1.98 (regular $2.69). The 12 ounce jar of the same brand is $2.19. Even at the regular price it’s only $0.50 more for the larger jar.

A couple of other things that were on sale were Peter Pan peanut butter and Tollhouse baking chips. The peanut butter is on sale for $1.98 so you save almost a dollar a jar from regular price. The Tollhouse chips are $1.68 per bag so you save $1.21 a bag from the regular price.

These sale prices run thru Tuesday, Oct 1.

Sometimes grocery stores have overripe bananas bagged and priced at a lower price. There were some marked down today. I got 6 pounds of bananas for a total of $1.19. I peeled them, cut into slices and will freeze to use in smoothies or baking.

A dollar or two savings here and there may not seem like a lot but if you do it regularly it can add up.

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Nancy Kvamme

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