I have had this post pinned on Pinterest for a while and final decided to try it as part of the Make it from Scratch Challenge.

It is using one piece of fabric to make a wrap that can also be used as a scarf with one slit and no sewing.

You fold your fabric in half and measure from the top of the fabric and from the folded edge. You may need to change the size of the measurements, depending on the size you want.

There are products you can purchase to apply to the cut edges if you have fabric that may fray.

It is a great piece to use for layering in an outfit. In addition to being used as a wrap you can also use it as a scarf.

You only need 1 yard of fabric. Some fabric stores offer remnant pieces for half of the usual price. I purchased two remnant pieces of about a yard each. One was about 1/8 of a yard at a regular price of $16.99 per yard and I paid $7.50. The other piece was a yard at $9.99 wich I paid $5.

Even at $10-$12 it would likely be less expensive than purchasing a wrap or scarf at a retail store.

The first photo above shows it as a scarf which you can also wrap various ways. The other two show the wrap of two different fabrics. You can also wear this with a belt for a different look.

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Nancy Kvamme

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