I have been thinking about painting my fireplace to update it and today I took the leap and did it. It took about 2 hours and cost abut $20 since I found paint the color I wanted at ReStore in Moorhead, a gallon for $8. I purchased a can of black heat resistant paint to refresh the interior for about $6 and the wire brush was $8. I had paintbrushes on hand from another project.

There are many blog posts and videos online with tips to painting brick fireplaces like this one.

It was a quick and fairly inexpensive way to update my fireplace and family room. Paint is an easy way to update and refresh rooms, furniture and accessories.

A few weeks ago, I updated a set of tables by painting them instead of buying new ones.

Following is an excerpt from the ReStore website about the store:

“Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity ReStore is your local home-improvement thrift store offering quality new and gently used building supplies, furniture, appliances and much more with prices ranging from 25-75% off retail prices.

All proceeds from Habitat ReStore support Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity‚Äôs mission of building affordable homes in Cass and Clay counties. ReStore is also a green alternative to disposing used home improvement materials. To date, ReStore has kept over 4 million pounds of usable materials out of local landfills and into home building, remodeling, and creative arts projects.”

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Nancy Kvamme

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