There are various ways to save money when shopping with store deals. Some stores offer sale prices at certain times and some offer incentives such as “store cash or credit” to use on a future purchase. The main theory behind this is to get you to come back at another time. It is a benefit if you are purchasing things you do need, but not if you are spending money just to get the incentive amount.

There are websites that provide discount codes for certain stores when you are shopping online. When shopping online, also research the store site to see if they offer free or reduced shipping costs when you purchase a minimum amount.

Even if items are marked as sale prices, they not be a deal if you are spending money on things you don’t necessarily need. This is where the concept of wants vs needs comes in. You do not need to completely quit buying wants but it is important to consider what other things you may be giving up by purchasing things that you are not as interested in.

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Nancy Kvamme

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