I have seen several posts about making your own yogurt. I recently tried making
Homemade yogurt in the crockpot. There are also recipes online to make yogurt on the stovetop and there are also yogurt makers you can buy.

When you make your own yogurt, you can add flavorings to your taste. I added strawberries to one bowl. You can flavor it by using fruit, fruit juice, other artificial flavorings, dry pudding mix and more. The photo above shows the containers I used for the yogurt, each one holds about ½ cup.

Other uses for yogurt are to use in making smoothies and baking recipes.

There is also a post about making Homemade Go-gurts by putting yogurt in snack size bags.

Besides saving money and knowing what ingredients are in your yogurt, you can also reduce the number of plastic cups you are throwing away by using reusable containers when making your own.

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Nancy Kvamme

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