Berry Sales

Hornbachers has a variety of berries on sale thru Tues, July 23. Raspberries and black berries are on sale 2/$4 for 6 ounce packages. Blueberries are 2/$3 for pint packages. You save $5/2 packages of blueberries from what the regular price is.

I usually purchase more than I need when they are on sale like this and freeze to use later in smoothies, muffins and other recipes. Wash the berries and put on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer until they are hard. Then store in a freezer bag. By freezing on a pan, they won’t freeze into a big clump.

Over the weekend, I cooked a bag of dried black beans and a bag of kidney beans in the crockpot. I froze and then stored in freezer bags to use in upcoming recipes. You can save money by cooking your own beans instead of purchasing canned beans and may save on sodium that can be in canned beans. Another advantage of beans this way is that I can take out a few at a time to use in recipes instead of needing to open and use an entire can at one time. It is easier to add to recipes that I normally wouldn’t open a can of beans for otherwise.

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Nancy Kvamme

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