There are a variety of ways you can save even more money at Target. There are printable coupons that you can print out for savings on certain items. These can be stacked with manufacturer coupons if available. You can also download an I Phone or Android Target app and receive coupons on your mobile phone or device. You show the cashier the code on your phone to receive the savings.

There is a new savings program at Target called Cartwheel. Here is a post from Totally Target explaining the new program. You will need a Facebook account and a mobile phone to be eligible for these savings.

Target also regularly has specials where if you buy a certain number or dollar amount of a product you will receive a $5 gift card. This deal can get even better if you have manufacturer coupons for the items.

Personally, I don’t shop at Target very often. As I have posted before I can purchase most of the items I need at CVS, Walgreens and the grocery stores. They are smaller stores and I can get in and out quicker than Target and I feel there is less temptation to make impulse purchases.

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Nancy Kvamme

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