This morning i went to the Country Hearth bread outlet store on South University Drive in Fargo and got the items in the phot for $4.

2 loaves of bread
2 packages of buns
1 package of pita bread
1 bag of pretzels

On Wednesdays and Sasturdays they offer a selection of items for 3/$2. The items are about a week from the sell by date. I will freeze the buns and one loaf of bread to use later. Other items are usually priced lower than you would pay at other stores.

The bread and pita bread were 3$2, buns were 2/$1 and the pretzels were $1.

This is one way I save on bread products.

It is about a mile from my home so I walked this morning and also got the health benefits of walking.

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Nancy Kvamme

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