Berry sales

Even though it doesn’t look like spring outside you can get the taste of spring and summer by buying berries. Hornbachers has strawberries on sale $1.48 for 16 ounces and black berries $1.88 for 6 ounces. The sign by the strawberries says that you save $2.50. The sale runs Wed. 4/17 thru Tues 4/23. Cashwise has strawberries on sale 2 packages for $3 thru Sat. 4/20.

I buy more when they are on sale and freeze to use later in smoothies, baking, etc. You can slice the strawberries or cut in half and freee on a cookie sheet until they are hard. Once they are frozen you can store in freezer bags. By doing this they will not freeze in a big glob.

I made blueberry waffles and muffins over the weekend with berries I had in the freezer.

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Nancy Kvamme

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