One way to save a lot of money is to cook at home instead of getting takeout or dining out. Some people may choose not to cook at home because they don’t think they know how to or it is too much work.

Some ways to make it easier is by using a crockpot or making batch meals to keep in the freezer.

Check your city for cooking lessons, such as community education programs. Locally, the Moorhead Community Education program offers various cooking classes. Also, there is a new business in Fargo, Square One Rental Kitchen & Event Center that is offering cooking classes. Some of their classes are being taught by Tim Rosendahl who used to work at Disney World and Red Lobster.

Another opportunity is the upcoming Taste of Home Cooking School. The Fargo show is Saturday, May 11. You can enter your city of zip code into the website to find a show in your area. It consists of vendor booths you can peruse beforehand and the show is a couple hours of watching a Taste of Home demonstrator cook a number of meals from Taste of Home publications.

I saw a blog post by a 10 year old about cookbooks on Teaching Kids to Cook. It may seem like it takes longer for the kids to help you, but in time they will get faster and be able to help more. It is also good for them to get used to cooking before they get out on their own.

Nancy Kvamme

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