With our weather now, it may seem like summer is a long way off. I stopped at a second hand store near my house on the way home this afternoon and ended up finding 5 pairs of Studio Works capris. They still had the original price tags ($28) and were marked $2.99 each. On the way into the store I saw a sign that the white tags were half off. So each pair of capris were $1.50. So I ended up getting $150 of pants for $8.01. I got 2 tan, 2 black and 1 blue pair of capris.

The half price tags were at the Dakota Boys Ranch store on 32nd Ave S in Fargo. I don’t know how long the sale will be or if it is also at the other stores.

This is one example of not knowing what you will find when shopping at thrift stores. It is not as much of a guarantee of finding specific items as shopping at other stores, but in many cases you can find a deal on brand new or almost brand new items.

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Nancy Kvamme

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