On a recent Suze Orman Show, Suze discussed 3 Rules that she suggests to live by to have a better financial life.

1) With everything you are considering buying, ask yourself if it is a want or need. If it is a want, she suggests to walk away and let it go. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything, but think before buying some things. The small expenses can add up quickly.

She said you do need to eat, but there is a difference in the cost of going to the grocery store or going to a restaurant. Also, you need gas to go to work but do you need gas to go on vacation?

2) Live below your means but within your needs. If you are spending more than you make or almost what you make, you may need to take a look at where your money actually goes each month and see which categories can be cut down on or cut out completely. Some months you may be short and need to take money out of savings. But if you find yourself short on a regular basis it is important to get a handle on your spending before it gets out of hand.

3) Try to get as much pleasure out of saving as you do out of spending. Spending is usually more pleasrable for many people instead of saving. But by saving money you will be in a position to do things in the future that you may not be able to if you didn’t have money saved. Or if you pass some spending now that you don’t necessarily need, you may have the money to buy something else later with the money you have saved.

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