Recently, while flipping through channels I came upon The Joneses. It is a story of a couple and their two teenage children who have moved into a nice house and have all of the latest cars, clothes, electronics, etc. Instead of being the happy family as they appear, they are four people hired by a company to portray the perfect life by having nice new items. Their job is to get others to buy the things they have.

It also shows what happens when you purchase things that you cannot afford.

It is important to live within or below your means. If you become dependent on credit cards and other credit to live the life you want you will find yourself in financial trouble very quickly and it will be difficult to get out of it.

As the movie shows, things may not appear as they are. In some cases, people with large houses, and expensive automobiles and clothes may not be living the perfect lives as it seems. You don’t know how much debt they may be in.

I only caught part of the movie when I saw it on TV. First I was going to check on renting it, then I thought about checking to see if the library had it. It was at the library so I ended up being able to watch it for free.

The library is a great place to check out DVDs for free, our library checks out DVDs for a week. I am fortunate to live very close to one of the local library branches so it is convenient to stop to pick up or drop off items. It is also convenient to search for items on the library website, that way you know if the items you are looking for are available or you can put them on hold if they are checked out.

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Nancy Kvamme

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