Hobby Lobby usually has some home decor items on clearance. I stopped there today and they had select throw pillows and frames 90% off. The regular price of the pillows was $58 – $100 so the sale price is $5.80 – $10. The frames are on sale for about $8 to $20.

One idea for using odd frames like this is if you have a big wall to fill and hang a grouping of empty frames on the wall.

These are good prices but again, think about if you really need the items or are just buying them because they are on sale. I used to buy a lot of things i didn’t really need because they were on sale.

Crystal from moneysavingmom.com had a recent post about a sale on Toms shoes. There were comments from some readers that said they had considered buying them and then realized they didn’t really need them so they did not place an order.

I did not buy any pillows or frames. I did buy a floor lamp that was on sale at Kirklands.

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Nancy Kvamme

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