With the beginning of the year, many of us may make resolutions or plans to make changes for this year.

Following are some of my goals for the year and the progress I have made in January.

I have exercised every day of January. Two weeks ago I started a walking program. In the past two weeks I have walked the equivalent of 40 miles in my home, with the cold and snow outside.

I have been following the 52 Week Saving Plan and have $21 in saved after putting in $6 for the coming week.

I have been following the YouVersion.com plan to read the Bible in a year. I have kept up with it for January.

One of my goals is to write an e-book a month. In January I added a Saving on Gifts Throughout the Year. It includes ideas of tips on ways to save money on gift giving.

I have also been participating in the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks program

Jessica from GoodCheapEats has been hosting a Pantry Challenge in January. I tried to use items I had on hand in January and I try to cook like this most of the year. By participating in Pantry Challenge it is a way to use up items in your pantry or freezer and save money along the way.

I have also been trying new recipes and trying to make some things from scratch.

These are a few things I have been in January and plan to continue.

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Nancy Kvamme

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