If you are looking for ways to lower your grocery bill, one is to try a Pantry Challenge. A Pantry Challenge is attempting to cook as many meals as you can from ingredients you already have on hand. Besides saving on grocery expenses you may also be able to use up items before they expire.

Jessica from GoodCheapEats.com is hosting a Pantry Challenge for the month of January. She usually does a Pantry Challenge in January and July.

Sometimes when she does it, she attempts to only purchase dairy products, produce and items she needs to go with the items she has on hand to make meals.

No matter how you participate, any little bit will help your grocery bill and use up some items you have on hand. When you look in your cupboards and fridge you may think you have nothing to eat but if you take an inventory and see what you have you may be able to come up with meals by only needing to purchase a few items.

I do a version of this most of the time. I buy items when they are on sale and buy additional items to go with them.

Nancy Kvamme

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