Now that we are past Thanksgiving and “Black Friday”, tomorrow is known as CyberMonday, which is the online equivalent of Black Friday. Many online retailers are having sales like other stores have deals on Black Friday.

Online shopping is becoming more popular with people for their holiday and everyday shopping. Many stores offer free shopping and other deals trying to get your business. It is a way to do your shopping if it is difficult for you to get out of the house or if you don’t like the crowds of shopping around the holidays.

Here are some tips for safe online shopping.

Even though you may be able to snag great deals with these sales keep in mind what you actually need to purchase. The retailers offer these great deals to get you into the stores hoping that you will purchase other things also. It isn’t such a good deal if you end up purchasing things you may not need.

It is important to remember there is more to the holiday season than gifts and parties. If your circumstances have changed and you need to cut back, it may be easier to make cuts for what you can afford than to go into debt.

As Suze Orman says at the end of all of her shows, “People First, Then Money, Then Things.”

Nancy Kvamme

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