Besides gifts, there may be many other extra expenses that come along with the holiday season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up many grocery stores will be having baking and other items on sale.

Sunmart has Our Family flour, 2 five pound bags for $3. That is almost the regular price for 1 bag. I bought two the other day. The sale runs thru Saturday, November 10.

The Hornbachers weekly flyer began today. There are many baking and holiday items on sale thru Tuesday, November 13.

A few items in this flyer are:
Pillsbury flour 5 lb bag $1.88
Butter $2.48 a pound
Keebler Ready Crust 2/$3
Diamond Walnuts $6.98 (16 oz bag)
Baking mixes

It is a great time to start stocking up for the holidays as your budget allows instead of having to spend a lot of money at one time later on.

Besides stocking up for holiday supplies it is a great time to stock up on items you will also use later, such as flour, butter, shredded cheese, baking chips and other items. Butter, cheese, baking chips and nuts can be stored in the freezer.

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