For the month of October I am participating in a 31 day event where bloggers post each day on different topics. I chose the topic of teaching kids about money and finances.

I recently read a copy of 1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students by Debby Fowles.

It seems like a great resource to parents of students, high school students and college students. It has tips and ideas for looking for scholarships and other sources of financial aid which would be useful for students while they are still in high school. It also has tips for college students to make the most of their money so they may not need to borrow as much money. As she says in the book, every dollar you borrow now you will need to pay back in the future with interest.

Some of the chapters include Maximize your Financial Aid, Maximize your Scholarships, Understand and Control Credit Card Use, Money Saving Tips, Having Fun Without a lot of Dough and Get More Bang from Your Buck.

The tips are numbered and categorized into each of the chapters so it is easy to read a few tips at a time. You can also go to the chapter and read tips on the topic you are interested in. It is a paperback so it is handy and convenient to take with you.

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Nancy Kvamme

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