For the month of October I am participating in a
31 day event where bloggers post each day on different topics. I chose the topic of teaching kids about money and finances.

Practical Money Skills is a website with resources to teach financial literacy to kids and adults which is sponsored by Visa. There are links to information for individuals and also for teachers who want to take it into their classrooms.

There are also games to teach kids about money. Sometimes it is easier to teach kids when they don’t always realize you are trying to teach them something. They have online games, Financial Football and Financial Soccer. You pick players and plays, with each play there is a question to answer.

Some of the topics covered under the personal finance section are credit and debt, savings and spending, and life events.

There are also calculators on various subjects such as how much you can afford to pay for a car, budget and goals, career and retirement, college saving and mortgages.

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