If you buy these gift cards, make sure the $20 coupon prints out. I just bought some at the store on 32nd Ave S, Fargo and it did not print out. I was given a $20 gift card instead since the coupon did not print.

Sun thru Tues, Oct. 7-9, Hornbachers is running a deal on gift cards. If you purchase $100 or more of certain gift cards in a single transaction you will receive a coupon for $20 off your next shopping trip. The gift cards included are iTunes, Applebee’s, Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s and Starbucks. The $20 coupon will print out at the register and expires 7 days after issuance.

I did this last year and used the gift cards for Christmas gifts. If you have the money available in your budget and can use the gift cards it is one way to make your grocery budget go further.

But if you need to charge the $100 and are not able to pay it off in full, the interest you will pay may end up being more than the $20 you get.

Around the holidays, certain restaurants run promotions that you get a free gift card with a certain amount purchase of gift cards.

Nancy Kvamme

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