The website Nesting Place is hosting a 31 day event where bloggers post each day on different topics.

At the time of this posting there were over 900 links, my link is 929.

I have decided to participate and blog on 31 Days to Teaching your kids about money. I feel it is very important to teach your kids about money and finances as they are growing up. Part of teaching is making it fun.

One tool I have found to teach about saving, spending and giving is the Money Savvy Bank.

The Money Savvy banks have four separate chambers, for save, spend, donate and invest. The money goes into each chamber and there are openings to get the money out of each chamber. I feel it is important to teach kids about money before they get out on their own.

The banks are available shaped like pigs in a few different colors, a football and a cow.

October 2 money doesn’t grow on trees

October 3 Practical Money Sklls

October 4 Financial Lessons in Your Daily Life

October 5 Kids and Money Calendar

October 6 Personal Finance DVDs at the library

October 7

October 8 Story Books About Saving

October 9 Raising Financially Confident Kids

October 10 Junior Achievement

October 11 Financial Peace Jr.

October 12 Dave Ramsey Teen Programs

October 13 The Money Mammals

October 14 Debt Free U

October 15 Moonjar

October 16 Not Your Parents’ Money Book

October 17 Teaching Kids about Money

October 18 Games to Teach Kids about Money

October 19 Teaching Kids to Give

October 20 Products to Teach Kids about Money

October 21 DIY Shadow Box Bank

October 22 Money Secrets for Students

October 23 Real Cost of Items

October 24 Children FIRST Program
October 25

October 26 Growing Book by Book

Octboer 27 Cost of Instant Gratification

October 28 The Value of Money

October 29 Cash Course for College Students

October 30 Teen Guide to Money

October 31 Importance of an Emergency Fund

One thought on “31 Days to Teaching Kids About Money

  1. Elise Daly Parker
    October 3, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    My kids are mostly grown. And sadly, we have not been great examples of good stewardship. I’m not giving up though on my kids or my hubby and I. So agree, it is good to teach kids about budgeting before they leave home. Still determined. Thanks for the tip!