Monthly archive: August 2012

At LifeHacker there is a listing of free online college classes. Classes are offered for computer science & technology, Finance & economics, Science & Medicine, Mathematics, Law and more. Classes offered in the finance & economics category consist of budgeting, personal finances for different ages, Finding money to start a business and more. The classes [...]

With school and other activities starting it may be getting more difficult to find time to cook meals. Following are a couple blog posts I found with ideas of quick meals and crockpot meals. Jessica from wrote a post about quick meals and crockpot meals. On there was a post about crockpot freezer [...]

The MoneySmart family system was written by Steve & Annette Economides who are known as America’s Cheapest Family. The book covers the steps they used to teach their kids about money and finances. One of the things they use is the 5/50/500 rule of life. Each chapter ends with ideas to use the 5/50/500 rule [...]

I realize school is just starting but it is also a great time to start your holiday planning if you haven’t already. Here is a blog post I wrote last year about saving money and time by planning ahead for holiday expenses. One way to purchase items over a period of time is with layaway. [...]

One way you may be able to save time or money when planning a party is by having a party bar. Once you pick a theme, have ingredients ready and the guests can make their own treats. There are various ideas such as breakfast bars, pasta bars, chili bars, cupcake fondue and more.

You can make your own coloring pages from your own photos. On the website you can upload a photo and it will instantly create a coloring page that you can print.

If you are looking for information on couponing you may want to check out Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey. Through September 15 they are offering get two copies for the price of one. I have not read the book but I ordered the two books and have seen great reviews of it online. It includes [...]

One way to save money is to make your own convenience items. One idea is to buy chips, crackers and other items in a larger quantity and package in smaller snack size storage bags. It may be considerably cheaper to do this than to buy the products already in snack sizes. Another idea is to [...]

With my birthday coming up next week, I have started getting free birthday offers in my email. Here is a list of some birthday deals You can get a free meal at Grazies on your birthday. Paradiso and Mexican Village offer a free meal on your birthday. At the SpeakEasy if you show your ID [...]

I discovered a couple recipes on pinterest recently. I made these brownies last night and they were great. You could make up several bags of the dry ingredients since you have them out and add the wet ingredients when you want to bake them. The blog post states that the cost per bag is $0.30 [...]