Monthly archive: May 2012

I recently returned from a week long Alaskan cruise. One of the highlights from the trip was going ziplining over a rainforest in Ketchikan. I was having second thoughts about doing it and at first was thankful each zipline was over. But the more I did it, the easier and more fun it got. This [...]

With school out for the summer, you are probably looking for things for your kids to do this summer. Last month I wrote a post about summer reading programs. Following are some other posts I found online summer movie deals, kids bowl for free, TD Bank reading program and Barnes and Noble reading program. The [...]

Sometimes when thinking about our debt or savings goals it may seem impossible. But by breaking it down into manageable amounts can make it easier to conquer. Some people think a dollar or two doesn’t matter. Even small amounts added up over time can make a difference. One suggestion from Suze Orman is to always [...]

Walmart recently rolled out a Disc to Digital program. For a small fee you can get a streaming version of DVDs and Blu-ray movies you already own to use on Vudu powered device. The fee is $2 per title and $5 for HD. You can only get one version of each disc. There is more [...]

With the Fargo Marathon coming up this weekend, I was thinking how budgeting takes practice and training similar to training to run a race. Many people do not think they have the time to make a budget. Just like with running, once you start the habit and learn how to follow a budget you can [...]

One excuse people use for using their credit cards is for the rewards. Many credit cards offer airline miles, hotel stays and other rewards for signing up for a credit card and using it. This can work in your favor if you are able to pay off the balance each month. If you carry a [...]

Crystal from Money Saving Mom is on the third week of her freezer cooking series. I am getting ready to go on vacation so I have been taking meals out of my freezer the past couple of days so I haven’t had to cook. I also have meals in the freezer so they are ready [...]

I made Homemade Pizza Pockets today. I have never been fond of the taste of the frozen pizza pockets at the grocery store, so I was excited to try the homemade ones. I ended up with 16 pizza pockets. I had a little dough leftover when the filling ran out so I made a few [...]

Faces of the Oil Patch is a new production from Prairie Public Television. It will premiere on Prairie Public on Wednesday, May 16 at 9:00 pm (CT). You may have heard about the oil activity in the western part of the state. This documentary gives you a look at how the towns in the Northwestern [...]

This Sunday, May 13 is Mothers Day. Following are a few of the discounts and free events I found in the Fargo area. The Red River Valley Zoo in Fargo is offering free admission for mothers on Mother’s Day. There is a SaveCoin deal for the next couple of days to get a family pass [...]