When watching shows such as House Hunters, one of the things people ask is how big the master closet is. In many cases, it is the man that has more clothes or shoes than the woman. I used to spend a lot more on clothes and have a lot more clothes than I do now. I realized the money spent on clothes and shoes could be used on other things I want.

Over the past couple years there have been blogs about people wearing only a certain number of items for a month or the same dress for a year.

Here are tips from Crystal from Money Saving Mom on tips for having a minimalist wardrobe.

One way to see what you actually wear is to hang all of the hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear an item put the hanger back the right way. After a period of time like 6 months or a year look at the items on the hangers that are still backwards.

Also, look at the items in your closet and see if you could wear them in different combinations than you currently wear them to give you different options. Adding different accessories can also add spark to outfits.

This doesn’t mean you should not buy new clothes and just wear a few things, but consider if you could save money on clothes and what you could purchase with that money instead.

One thought on “What’s in Your Closet

  1. Miki T-B
    April 25, 2012 at 8:09 am

    When I watch those “House Hunter” type shows and they make some joking comments about this will be the wife’s closet because she has so many clothes, I always think…get rid of some of the clothes. Seriously, how many clothes does a person need? In my household, it’s my husband who has too many clothes. After every spring/summer and fall/ winter, I go through my closet and pull out anything I haven’t worn. I don’t do the backwards hanger tactic as I don’t have that many clothes so I know what I’ve worn or not worn for the past season.