I saw in a recent article that about 45% of the respondents said that they only purchase things that are on sale.

Even though it is smart to purchase things on sale, you also need to consider if you do need the items even though they are on sale. I used to purchase things just because they were on sale. I still have to catch myself sometimes, from buying things I may not necessarily need.

Even when shopping at discount stores, dollar stores and thrift stores you need to pay attention to what you are spending. A dollar or two here and there can add up fast. I saw a comment to a blog post once that one woman wasted about $10,000 over a period of time at dollar stores. Another blog post I read once, about a woman who spent $600 a month at Target by stopping multiple times during the month and spending $50 to $100 a trip.

To help you keep your spending under control, try to limit your trips to the store to avoid impulse purchases. When you do go shopping, make a list of items you are looking for and have a budgeted price in mind for each item. Another way to try to keep in budget is to determine how much you are planning on spending and only taking that much in cash. It has been shown that many people spend more when using credit and debit cards since it is easier to go over your budgeted amount without feeling it right away. It is more emotional when you need to hand over a large amount of cash.

It may seem like a good deal but it may not be if it’s something you do not end up using or wearing.

So even if you are shopping sales, still pay attention to what you are purchasing and if you really need it.

Nancy Kvamme

One thought on “Is it a deal, if its on sale

  1. Karl Brabson
    March 14, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Money slaves, can’t save them