Monthly archive: March 2012

April is National Financial Literacy Month. There are tips to take each day of the month to get your financial life in order. As part of Financial Literacy Month, there are 100 free webinars being presented on a variety of topics. The webinars are presented at various time during the day and evenings so if [...]

Recently I saw two blog posts about teaching kids about money. One was about an upcoming webinar about teaching kids about money. The other was how Kids Inherit Bad Money Habits. Besides listening to what you say, your children also watch your actions. As with other parts of your life, they will also imitate how [...]

One of the callers on the Suze Orman Show the other night was calling about his student loan debt. He had put part of his student loan debt on a interest free credit card and was wondering what she thought about it. He was planning on having it paid off before the zero interest period [...]

With the wide range of items in the stores it may be difficult to know which is the best for your money. Anna Wallner & Kristina Matistic, the The Shopping Bags have spent the last few years testing and reviewing items. They have a Canadian television show and also wrote a book with tips from [...]

With the changes in our economic situations and constantly being bombarded by advertisements and sales, there are many people who are getting into trouble financially. Some have changes in their financial lives and may be having difficulties making changes in their spending. Others may shop to get away from their troubles but are actually making [...]

With the Shrine Circus coming to town, I thought of some similarities between the circus and personal finances. Just as it takes training and practice to do the circus acts and train the animals it takes education and practice to budget and handle your finances. It is important for trapeze artists to have a safety [...]

One of the websites I follow daily is Today, Crystal published a guest post I had submitted about Saving by cooking as a single person. Although the website is called moneysavingmom, I follow it daily and get numerous ideas and tips that I can use in my life. Crystal also posts many sales and [...]

Yesterday I finished volunteering in a 3rd grade classroom for Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a program where business people volunteer in classrooms in the area to teach children about business and financial matters. All of the information and materials are given to the volunteer. This is my 3rd year of volunteering, the first year [...]

I recently read the book, The Power of Habit, Why We do what we do in life and business. Part of the book is about how advertisers promote products to make consumers think they need to buy them. Some ways that stores entice you to buy things is putting kids cereal and other items at [...]

Yahoo! Health and Reader’s Digest conducted a recent survey to see if people would rather gain 10 pounds or take on $10,000 of debt. According to the survey results 78 percent of adults would rather gain 10 pounds than take on $10,000 of debt. It also showed that 46 percent would rather gain 50 pounds [...]