Savers, 1623 38 St SW, Fargo is having a half price sale on Monday, February 20 for Presidents Day. You can get 50% off all used clothing, shoes, accessories, and items tagged bed & bath. They are open from 7 AM to 9 PM. This sale is good at all US Savers stores.

Savers is a second hand store and the proceeds go towards local charities.

The store usually has 50% off sales on certain holidays, New Years Day, Presidents Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day. Also, throughout the year, each day they have 50% off a certain color price tag.

Buying at second hand stores, you can get more for your clothing budget. Also, if you have been losing weight, it is one way to buy smaller sized clothing as you lose weight without having to spend a lot of money. Especially if you are trying to lose quite a bit and will be going through multiple sizes of clothes.

Other things to look for second hand are formal clothes. Usually, they are only worn once or a few times by the original purchaser and you will probably only want to wear it a few times too. So if you can find something that fits your purpose for a fraction of buying new, why not?

Also, if you have a winter trip planned for a warm weather destination, and are looking for summer clothes and can’t find many at retail stores, most thrift stores have all types of clothes throughout the year. Or if you buy clothes at resale stores you will have extra money for your vacation.

I have also purchased household items, such as bundt cake pan, angel food cake pan and other items second hand. In some cases, people donate items they do not need or items they have received as wedding gifts and don’t want or need. I bought a set of bowls once and there was a wedding card still in the box.

So if you are trying to make your money go further, check out second hand stores and you will never know what kind of treasures you may find.

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Nancy Kvamme

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