Monthly archive: January 2012

The KidScoop in the Forum and other newspapers today is about wants and needs. It has information and activities to teach kids the difference between wants and needs.

Recently I saw a post on the Money Savvy Generation Facebook page. It was about a question they had received from a teacher from ND about how to teach seniors about credit cards. Along with their answer they included a link to an article on Credit cards There are varying views on credit cards and [...]

We are finally beginning to get winter weather. If you are getting tired of your wardrobe, there are some ways to make some changes without spending a lot of money. One idea is to shop your own closet. Look at your closet and drawers and see if there are items in the back of them [...]

There was a recent article about efforts being made by legislatures and financial companies to teach financial literacy classes to kids. I have developed a series of stations with information and activities to teach kids about money and finances. The stations include topics such as budgeting, wants/needs, credit cards, and more. The fee is $10 [...]

One of the largest expense categories in most budgets is for groceries and dining out. It also may be one of the easiest to control. Grocery shopping is dreaded by many people but if you take some steps it can be more enjoyable. I will also share ways that you can save money without having [...]

Here is an Excel worksheet you can download to keep track of your monthly spending. As she says in her blog post, it is difficult to make a budget when you don’t know how much you spend in each of the areas. I feel tracking your spending is a great way to see where your [...]

With Valentines Day coming up, I put together a Pinterest board with some ideas I found online.

If you own an Android device or Kindle Fire you can download the Easy Money app for free today. The regular price is $9.99. Each day Amazon offers a free app through their app store. The special to get the app for free is for today only. The app will help you keep track of [...]

Erin Chase has a blog, 5 Dollar Dinners and has written a book The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook. Now she has started a blog called Food Allergies on a Budget. The blog covers how to cope with food allergies, coupons & deals and recipes & other resources. There is also the opportunity for readers to [...]

This weekend The Food Network is having a Money Saving Weekend. On Saturday and Sunday they will be featuring shows with ideas to stretch your grocery dollars. They usually do have shows such as Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals and A Week in a Day and Sandra Lee’s Sandra’s Money Saving Meals. But this weekend [...]