There was a show on TLC last week and the same episode ran last night. It is called Extreme Cheapskates. One of the guys takes food home from other diners when they go out to eat. He dug through dumpsters and went to the dollar store to find items to give his wife for their 25th Anniversary.

One lady and her family uses rags for toilet paper. They keep a container next to the toilet and they wash them as necessary. She said they have used the same rags for 5 years. She and her kids picked “greens” at the park to make a salad for neighbors.

You don’t need to go to these extremes, but little changes in how you spend your money can make a difference.

I am working on compiling some of my blog posts into e-books. The first I am working on is how to save on groceries and dining out. I am planning on having it completed in the next week or two.

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One thought on “Extreme Cheapskates

  1. K. Hass
    January 11, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Learn how to sew and to use a sewing machine.
    Bake your own bread. Find recipes for make-your-own mixes for flavored teas, cocoa, pancakes, chicken tenders, etc.
    Make kids’ snowpants from used army blankets.
    Recycle fabrics in quilts.
    Use the public library for books and internet.
    Don’t buy cheap plastic toys. Use imagination and scraps!
    Look for cookbooks from the 30’s and 40’s, read and use them.
    Wash cloth diapers.