Welcome to Day 5 of my 7-day book giveaway. I will randomly choose a name from the people who leave a comment on this post thru midnight.

Today’s book is Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. The book is a simple parable that reveals truths about change. It is a story of four characters who live in a “Maze” and look for “Cheese” to nourish them and make them happy.

The “Cheese” is a metaphor for what you want to have in life. The “Maze” is where you look for what you want – where you work, or the family or community you live in.

The book was written for all ages and can be read in an hour or so. It would be a great book to have your kids read also. I have heard of it as one of the books many companies have their employees read. The story shows why it is important to learn how to deal with change.

Today, I have three copies of the book to give away. Please leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of the book, Who Moved My Cheese. I will email the winner for their mailing address.

I will be replying to the post of the recipient of each day’s book and will list them in a post at the end of the week.

7 Responses to “Who Moved My Cheese”

  1. This is a book for my son- in his occupation he is a cheese expert and at the ssme time had to deal with constant change and decisions in his field. Being that I am going through some life changes now it would also help me in choices I am going to have to be making. Sounds like a fun way to get a point across instead of a heavy tome.

  2. I feel like I live in a maze. Juggling a 3 year old and a husband that is going to school is enough to make me feel like I’ve reached the dead end. *sigh*

  3. Our family has been having to deal with many changes as of late. My husband is fighting cancer and we are continually being pushed to make difficult desicions concerning his next treatment while trying to remain positive (an important part of survival). Our 10 year old grandson worries about his Grandpa and fears for his future, as he has already lost his paternal grandpa from cancer 2 years ago. So, loss of a loved one is always looming in his mind. He recently has discovered the joys of reading, so this book would be a beneficial experience for him.

    • Congratulations, Your name was picked to receive one of the copies of Who Moved My Cheese.

      Please email your mailing address to me at nancy@in-theblack.net

      Thank you for leaving a comment and I hope you enjoy the book.

  4. margaret kloster
    10:55, 07.01.2012

    Life is certainly a maze. It is also “amazing”. I have learned that the path we want to stay on is not always the right one. Sometimes we have to hit our heads on the wall over and over until we are willing to try a different road.

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