One of the aggravating things about decorating for the holidays may be how to store ornaments and lights so they last from year to year. A couple ideas I found on line to store ornaments are here and here to use common things you may have around the house instead of buying the more expensive ornament holders and boxes.

Here is an idea to storing your lights so they don’t end up in a tangled mess to deal with next year.

Another issue is the matter of storing wrapping paper so it doesn’t get damaged before you use it. Tbis is a way to store it without taking any storage space.

When you are taking out your holiday ornaments, consider throwing away any that are damaged and broken. Also, consider donating any that you may not use any more.

By taking a few minutes to put them away correctly may save you time and hassle next year.

This is part of a 90 day series with tips to help make your holidays easier. Click here for previous posts.

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