Monthly archive: July 2011

I have read a number of books written by Jean Chatzky and was excited to see she has written a book about money for teenagers, “Not Your Parents’ Money Book”. Jean is the financial editor for the Today show and frequent contributor to other talk shows and media sourcres. As part of the research for [...]


LearnVest is a website to empower women to take control of their personal finances. It includes information, tools and support they need to earn well, save well and spend well. The website is updated daily with expert advice, lifestyle tips, news and more. The LearnVest Daily e-newsletter is delivered to your inbox, with lifestyle and [...]

Just because something is on sale or you have a coupon to use does not always make it a good deal. I know because I used to shop like this. I used to buy a lot of things mainly because they were on sale and seemed like a great deal. I hear people say they [...]

Looking for deals to help others. I have posted previously about how using coupons and looking for deals I can help others more than I normally would be able to. The past couple of weeks the Dakota Boys Ranch stores have been having their end of season bag sales, a paper bag of clothes for [...]

Thrive by 5

Thrive By 5 is a resource sponsored by the Credit Union National Association with information on teaching your preschooler about spending and saving. Children learn about money from many sources. They observe adults using money and buying things. What children witness affects their attitudes about what money is for. Some of those beliefs will help [...]

One way grocery stores and other stores market to consumers are 5/$5 or other variety of sales. You should check with your store, but in many cases you can still get the sale price with only buying 1 or 2 of the items. However, some consumers think they are getting a better deal when they [...]

Another website with information and budgeting forms is Choose to Save. Choose to save was created by the non-profit Employee Benefit Research Institue (EBRI) and the American Savings Education Council (ASEC) to educate people about the importance of planning and saving for the future. On the website are materials to educate about the need to [...]

I feel part of the reason some people are in tough financial situations is because of many thinking instant gratification is the norm. Some of them feel that if they get some extra money or have money left over they must spend it. Today, I went to the dentist to get a temporary crown put [...]

Recently, there was an article about reasons to give up your credit cards. There are various thoughts on both having credit cards and not having credit cards. Studies have shown that in a lot of cases you may spend more if you are using credit cards than if you are using cash. When you use [...]

In a previous post I talked about Cash Course. Cash Course is a free online program to help college students learn how to handle their finances. They can register online and have access to resources, such as articles, quizzes, calculators and budgeting tools. It was created by NEFE, The National Endowment for Financial Education. Once [...]