Monthly archive: June 2011

What matters

Over the past couple of months, there has been record breaking flooding in several states. After living in Fargo along the Red River for 20 years, dealing with flooding in the area has been more prevalent over the past few years. It has been more surprising about the flooding in the western part of the [...]

The last couple of posts I have discussed how you can save money by planning your shopping and buying gifts throughout the year. Another thing to save by budgeting and buying early is school supplies. I know school has just gotten out for the year but if you go through your kids clothes, then sit [...]

Yesterday I wrote a post on Holiday shopping. It is also a way to save money throughout the year on birthday gifts and other holiday gifts and expenses. If you have in mind people you need to buy gifts for and ideas of gifts you can keep an out for the gifts and possibly buy [...]

Time to get your Christmas shopping lists ready. I know summer is just starting but it is also time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. I was at a store the other day and they were putting out Christmas decorations already. We also got a Christmas card catalog at our office last [...]

Things are changing at an alarming pace, with the changes in the economy and job situations as well as tornadoes and flooding in many states. I received an email this morning that got me thinking about this, “The best thing about every financial meltdown, global or otherwise, is learning that whatever was lost, can be [...]

Merrill Lynch has been having webinars about retirement planning. They are now available online. There are 5 separate webinars consisting of The Economy: Retirement after the Recession, Reinventing Retirement, Healthcare in Retirement, What Young Americans Need to know about Retirement and Women & Retirement. The moderator is Charles Gibson. The sessions include Q&A with experts [...]

Are you still looking for last minute Fathers Day gifts? Here are a few ideas I have seen online lately. At Walgreens you can get a free photo collage. If you framed it, it could be a nice inexpensive gift. Michaels stores are having kid make and take events Thursday thru Sat. Thursday from 6-8 [...]

With the price of many things going up recently, one of the next things I have heard of going up is clothing. The price of cotton has increased dramatically so that means that many clothing items will also cost more. So if you have room in your budget it may be wise to stock up [...]

I will be doing a Budgets and Beyond presentation tomorrow, Tues, June 14 at the Detroit Lakes Library. It is from 6:30-8:00 pm and free of charge. Space is limited so please call the library to register at 847-2168. I will be discussing the importance of budgeting, tips on budgeting, wants/needs, credit and debit cards, [...]

I have had family visiting from out of town the last few days. With things going on and me working during the day, I decided to use the crockpot to make meals. This way it was ready when I got home and was ready whenever others were ready to eat. The first day I put [...]