Monthly archive: May 2011

Last night was our first summer storm of the season for our area. There were a few injuries and accidents but mainly trees and branches down, fences torn apart and patio furniture and trampolines flying around. This is one example why it is important to have an emergency fund. This would be classified as an [...]

At an event recently someone at our table made a comment about dreading the day she would need to replace her car. There were others at the table who agreed. Your car purchase is one of the larger purchases in most of our lives and something most of us need. When looking for a car [...]

A recent survey commissioned by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) in cooperation with shows that 59 percent of parents are providing or have in the past provided financial support to their adult children when they are no longer in school. Results of the survey explore how the current economic and job conditions [...]

I would like to thank YWCA Cass Clay and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for hosting the Empowering your Financial Future event tonight. Many times when we think of the YWCA we think of the work they do with the women’s shelter. But part of their mission statement is Empowering Women and that means all women. [...]

We have heard many times to live within or below your means. If your financial situation has changed also need to change your spending habits. Sometimes, people lose their jobs or part of their income but do not change their spending. It may seem harmless to charge some things, but it can get out of [...]

Some stores advertise a sale such as 5/$5 or 5/$10. That means 5 of one item for $5 or $10. You may want to check with your store. Many times, you can get the same discount by only buying 1 or 2 of the item. So you can get the same discount without having to [...]

With the prices of things going up, we are looking for ways to control costs and make our money go further. One way to do this is to take a look at how you shop. At most grocery stores, you can get almost anything already prepared or partially prepared, for a price. Sometimes you are [...]

Many high schools are teaching personal finance in schools. Even if you are teaching your kids about finances it may make a difference with the information coming from a different person. I am offering a class called “Got the Diploma, Now What?” for high school graduates, college students or even high school students who want [...]

Fargo residents can pickup free compost and wood chips every Wednesday and Thursday through June 2 from 3:30-5:00. There is a one yard maximum of each and proof of residency is required. Residents with bags or can must load their own compost. City crews will help load pick-ups and trailers during the times above. The [...]

Keep Saving

I know with the current uncertain economic conditions for many it is getting difficult for many to save money. But it is important to look at how you spend you money and see if any more money can be found in your budget. With predictions of the end of the world, some people have quit [...]