One way to guard against identity theft is to shred your bank statments and other financial papers that may have your social security number and account numbers on them.

AARP and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of North Dakota are sponsoring Secure Your ID Day on Saturday, April 16 in Fargo and Bismarck. As part of this they are offering free shredding of documents and papers you no longer need. In Fargo it will take place at the Wells Fargo on 13th Ave South and 25th St South.
The hours of the event are 8 am to 1 pm. There is a limit of one box per vehicle.
Residents and small businesses are encouraged to attend the event and take a key step in identity protection by shredding and properly disposing of sensitive paper documents as well as CDs and floppy discs. BBB experts will also be on hand offering important advice and simple steps everyone can take to prevent identity theft.
Identity theft is an equal opportunity crime. However, consumers can greatly reduce their exposure to identity theft by taking simple, preventative measures. “Secure Your ID Day” provides people with an excellent opportunity to destroy sensitive documents for free.

Nancy Kvamme

Today’s step is to pay down your debt.
There are two recommended methods to use to pay off your debt. It is a matter of personal preference on which one to use.
The first is to make a list of your debts from the smallest amount to the largest. Pay the minimum amount due on each debt. Then with any extra money, apply it to the smallest debt. Once the smallest debt is paid off, pay your minimums on all and apply the payment and any extra to the next debt. Continue doing this until they are all paid off.

The next method is to list your debts from the highest interest rate to the lowest and do the same as the last step.

Some people say that if you pay off the smallest debts first, when you see a quick win you will keep the momentum going.

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Nancy Kvamme