I have posted before about stocking up on items you use regularly when you find them on sale to save money.  Also, if you happen to find better prices at stores other than grocery stores.  Today I was at CVS and they had items such as Campbells cream of chicken and cream of chicken soup and stewed tomatoes for $0.77.  So that is half off their regular price on the soup.  Stovetop is $0.77 a box this week, the regular price at the grocery store is over $2.00. 

This week at CVS they have 12 packs of Pepsi products for 3/$10 if you have a CVS card and you get $2 in Extra Care Bucks for a future purchase, so they are 3/$8.

Also, check out the bread outlet stores.  The one I stop at is the Country Hearth on South University Drive, since it is closest to my house.  On Wednesdays and Saturdays they have some bread and buns, etc 3 packages for $2.  Other times bread are $1 and up.  They are close to the sell by date, but when I buy a number of packages, I freeze them until I need them.  That way, I can just grab a package from my freezer when I run out instead of having to stop at the grocery store and pay regular price. 

One deal at Sunmart this week is on Kelloggs cereal.  There is a coupon in the flier that if you buy 4 boxes of cereal for $12, you get another 3 boxes free, plus a coupon for free milk on your next shopping trip.  So you end up getting 7 boxes of cereal and milk for the price of 4.

Nancy Kvamme

In Saturday’s Forum there was an <a href=http://bit.ly/fGRwZr>article</a> about a family cutting out all of their discretionary spending for a month.  You may not have to cut all of your spending, but it my help to pay attention to what you are spending.  If you track your expenses for a week or so and see where your money goes and see if there are things you could cut back on or cut out totally.

There may be small expenses that you spend money on without really thinking about it.  A dollar or two here or there may not seem like a big deal, but if you do that regularly it can count up.

So you may not have to totally cut your spending but if you keep an eye on how you spend your money, it can make a difference in your finances.

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Nancy Kvamme